14+ years of experience.

14+ years of experience.

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We at Blazon are a full-service agency offering customers comprehensive, integrated services in the following areas: pre-media and print, graphic and retail design, brand identity creation to advertising, brand marketing, retail, and packaging.


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From humble yet enthusiastic beginnings over a decade ago with a simple portfolio of event-related work, our team has matured into a much deeper and richer set of expertise and experiences. Our many years of experience in the design and print industry, coupled with a genuine desire to do the very best for our customers, has enabled us to build an enviable reputation for quality, service, and reliability.

At our disposal are the latest digital design and print production technology. Our small but experienced team is an expert in producing creative and original solutions to high standards amidst tight deadlines. As team players, we work in close partnership with our customers and their suppliers, and we are happy to provide printed solutions as part of broader supply chain networks if required.


With our Mimaki eco solvent printers, we print on vinyl, banner cloth, canvas, silver/gold metallic, wall paper, translit, etc.


Our fabrication skills facilitates works around metal, wood, sunboard, acrylic, composite panels amongst others. Our painting facility brings about the finer aspects of finishing to the store.


Using our inhouse machinery, we create various ‘forms’ on acrylic, wood, metal etc. as well as custom engraving


As our tagline suggests, “we make ideas work” in your store; from an execution standpoint, encapsulating all works related to print, fabrication, laser works, etc.


Our team has the expertise in all aspects of branding execution – client brief understanding, graphics design, prototyping, material sourcing, logistics planning, and takes it to final implementation.

Anupama Hariprakash

Creative Head


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What drives us

Blazon's market leadership focuses on achieving real integration with clients' needs across services, processes, local and global markets, with an eye on the future.

Blazon the design and production house starts with an understanding of retail clients' everyday needs. Our co-workers in product design and product development focus on price and quality, innovation and function, environment, and health to make products saleable and suitable for the retail identity. We at Blazon scrutinize every product idea concerning the best use of raw materials and manufacturing opportunities. Hence, the design elements are most often decided on the workshop floor, where designers and manufacturers work together.

Our flexible and responsive approach ensures that the finished jobs are approved, within budget, and delivered on time.

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